My Health Affair…is fabulous – educational and entertaining…with her warmth, humor, and terrific songwriting she engages and teaches us that age is inevitable, but disability most certainly is not! 

Carol Ponder, national teaching artist and consultant. The Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center Institute, the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville, the Montalvo Arts Center in San Jose, and Big Thought in Dallas Tx.


MyHealthAffair is an edutainment program – education combined with music – for women to learn how to find passion in health! Lively discussion, song, and an engaging experience makes this program a life changer! 

“The creation of MyHealthAffair was born out of ‘turning’ 50 and discovering that a magnifying mirror can be an enemy and a friend and I must embrace both! Join me on this journey!”


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Schedule MyHealth Affair for your 50th birthday party at home with your friends and colleagues! Learn about how to stay healthy and grow older with exercise, passion, and an action filled life! The song ‘Fifty’ will be played just for YOU!