MHA Review

What People are Saying!

“Fact based and passionate!” … “I was engaged the whole time!”

“Inspiring” … “Enjoyable, entertaining, and humorous!”

“I really enjoyed the music” … “Positive and Optimistic”

“Excellent concise information”… “ Helped me understand more”

MyHealth Affair wanted to know what people thought about the presentation and if it would (A) engage people to think passionately about health; (B) lead to behavior change; and (C) if they would learn something new that could be applied to their own lives.

A focus group was conducted and this is what we found.

After attending this presentation:

    • 85% of the participants said they learned something new
    • 81% said they would continue their current program 
    • 77% said they would think about making a healthy change 
    • 85% said they felt they can make a healthy change 
    • 85% said they will make a healthy change in the next 30 days

The true success of MyHealth Affair is summed up in one participant’s review:

“I’m going home and clearing the stuff off my treadmill!”


MyHealth Affair at Women of Woodside Country Club February 14th 2014! 


“Instructional, entertaining and motivational program… the message she delivered kept us laughing and made all aware of the value of living an active, healthy life. Our group greatly benefited from reminders of being our own best friends as well as receiving new insights into managing our health”. Linda Rudd, President Elect, Women of Woodside Country Club, South Carolina.





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