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• “Singer songwriter Corley Roberts’ debut album featured a soft but driving blend of folk, pop and jazz, led by insistent guitar lines and shimmering piano figures. Roberts sensual voice glided over the whole mix to energize her heartfelt lyrics.” ..1999 Best Local Album Peter Hanson, Metroland Magazine, 1999

• This cd (ME) showed me the meaning of life. At first I was like – this is good – then I was like – this is killing me. It kept on killing me until I was literally dead and found that I was able to survive only through the healing, regenerative powers of the music itself. Daaaaaaamn baby! CDBaby, Chuck Mearse

• “Corley Roberts and the Fabu Music Revue continue to bring us the best in a variety of musical talents in the region…” Caffe Lena, New York, 2002

• Fabu All Girl Music Revue Produced by Corley Roberts June, 2001 SOLD OUT SHOW “Corley Roberts is about music…and is moving to Nashville…we will miss her energy and devotion” The Record, New York, 2001

• “Country and jazz influences of composer multi-instrumentalist Corley Roberts is easily recognized…sureness with ballads…highlight of CD is keyboard artistry of free form combining jazz and classical auras” Swingtime Magazine, 2001

• “We have worked with Corley on two of our films…she has a great ability to capture the film’s essence with the lyrics and music she composes…and we love her voice!” Fountainhead Pictures, Masucci Brothers, 2001

• “Corley Roberts signs contract licensing agreement with Oxygen Media for CD “Me”. Oxygen is a new television network for women founded by Geraldine Laybourne and in partnership with Oprah Winfrey. OXYGEN, 2000

• “Corley Roberts’ composition ‘Feed the Fire’ places number 6 out of over 6000 entries in Smooth Jazz category….” Just Plain Folks Music Awards, 2000

• “Folksinger Janis Ian gave the appearance that tossing off world class renditions of world-class son

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